CV:浪川大輔 / Daisuke Namikawa

魔族軍の第九軍軍団長。魔王と旧知の仲のよう。 火龍レンドを撃破した「私」の前に突然姿を現したが、その正体はまだわかっていない。

Leader of the 9th Demon Army Corps. An old acquaintance of the Demon Lord. When the heroine defeated the Fire Dragon, Rend, he appeared suddenly, but his identity is still a mystery.



CV:逢坂良太 / Ryota Osaka

魔族軍の第八軍軍団長。元は魔物だった鬼人。 魔族軍の中では魔王擁護派に属する。

Leader of the 8th Demon Army Corps. A monster who evolved into one of the oni race. In the factional split among the demon army, he supports the Demon Lord.




Sophia Keren

CV:竹達彩奈 / Ayana Taketatsu

元転生者を名乗る、冷たい表情をした少女。 シュンやフィリメスへ憎悪を募らせるユーゴーに手を貸す。

A girl with an icy expression who claims to have been reincarnated. Aids Hugo in his plans against Shun and Filimøs.

demon lord


CV:上坂すみれ / Sumire Uesaka

魔族の頂点に立つ者。 見た目は10代前半の少女、態度も気まぐれで無作法だが、一瞥するだけで歴戦の魔族を震え上がらせるほどのカリスマを持つ。 軍団長の中には、その得体の知れなさを不気味に思い反発する者もいる。

The greatest of all demons. Has the appearance of a girl in her early teens. Despite a laid back, if rude, attitude she is intimidating enough to make battle-hardened demons cower with a look. There are some among her military commanders who know so little about her, it spurs them to rebellion.




Balto Phthalo

CV:梅原裕一郎 / Yuuichirou Umehara

魔王の腹心。 今代の魔王が現れるまで魔族を取りまとめてきた実力者だが、魔王出現後は彼女に忠誠を誓っている。 魔族軍第七軍軍団長ブロウは実の弟。

The Demon Lord's aide. Was formerly a leading member of demon society, but since the Demon Lord's ascent he has sworn loyalty to her. His brother is Bloe, the commander of the Seventh Demon Army Corps.




Hyrince Quarto

CV:興津和幸 / Kazuyuki Okitsu

アナレイト王国クオート公爵家の次男。 ユリウスの幼なじみにして親友。 ユリウスとパーティを組む盾の騎士で、何があっても勇者を守るという強い意志に突き動かされている。 口は悪いが仲間想いのムードメーカー。

Second son of the Analeit Kingdom's Duke Quarto. Julius' best friend since childhood and a shield knight in his party. Motivated by his desire to protect the Hero at all costs. Not particularly polite, but is always considerate towards his comrades, as well as being the life of the party.




Julius Zagan Analeit

CV:榎木淳弥 / Junya Enoki

アナレイト王国第2王子。シュンの兄にして人族最強の勇者。 剣と魔法を極め数々の武功を挙げながらも、決して驕ることのない高潔さを持つ。 世界平和のため戦いに身を投じる、まさに勇者になるべくしてなった存在。

The second prince of the Kingdom of Analeit. Julius is Shun’s older brother and the strongest hero among all humankind. Despite his mastery of both swordsmanship and magic and his achievements in combat, he remains virtuous and not at all proud. He is a true hero, devoting himself to fighting for world peace.




Yurin Ullen

CV:田中あいみ / Aimi Tanaka

聖アレイウス教国の聖女候補。 前世の名前は長谷部結花。礼儀正しく真面目だが、まわりが見えなくなりやすい。 転生後、両親に捨てられ教会で育てられた過去があり、「スキルアップして神の声を聞く」という教義の神言教を熱心に信仰している。

A Saint candidate in the Holy Kingdom of Alleius. Her name in her previous life was Hasebe Yuika. She’s very serious and well-mannered, but often loses sight of what’s going on around her. After reincarnating, she inherited the life of a girl who was abandoned by her parents and raised by the church, and she is now a fanatical believer in the Word of God religion, which follows the creed of “We improve our skills so that we may hear the voice of God.”




Filimøs Harrifenas

CV:奥野香耶 / Kaya Okuno

前世は俊輔たちの担任である岡崎香奈美で、「岡ちゃん」の愛称で親しまれていた。 転生後はシュンたちの同級生として学園に通っている。 エルフに転生したため、実年齢より幼く見える。 転生した生徒の行方を追う生徒思いの教師だが、隠し事も多い。

In her previous life, she was Okazaki Kanami, homeroom teacher to the kids who were reincarnated, and they affectionately called her “Oka-chan.” After reincarnating, she began attending school with Shun and the others as their classmate. Since she reincarnated as an elf, she looks younger than she actually is. She’s a caring teacher who continues to follow her students after their reincarnation, but she has many secrets.





CV:喜多村英梨 / Eri Kitamura

シュンのペットの地竜。前世は漆原美麗という少女だったが、人間ではなく魔物に転生した。 魔物ならではのステータス成長速度に加え、状況判断能力も高い。 明るくさっぱりした性格だが、前世ではいじめの主犯で、その振る舞いを反省している。

Shun’s pet Earth Wyrm. In her previous life, she was a girl named Shinohara Mirei, but she reincarnated as a monster instead of a human. As a monster, her stats grow at a very fast rate, and she has excellent situational judgment. She has a cheerful, open personality, but she was a bully in her former life, and this shows in her behavior.





CV:小倉 唯 / Yui Ogura

アナレイト王国第2王女。 シュンと同時期に生まれた異母妹で、兄に引けを取らない才能を持っている。 シュンへのブラコンぶりは周囲がドン引きするほどで、彼と親しくする女性にはあからさまな敵意を向ける。

The second princess of the Kingdom of Analeit. As Shun’s half-sister, born to a different mother not long after his birth, her talents rival his. Her obsession with her brother Shun is extreme enough to put others off, and she’s noticeably hostile toward all girls who get friendly with him.




Hugo Baint Renxandt

CV:石川界人 / Kaito Ishikawa

レングザンド帝国の王太子。 前世はクラスのリーダー的存在だった夏目健吾。 実力は申し分ないが、自分の能力を過信しがちなところが玉にキズ。 前世から好戦的なところは変わらず、シュンをライバル視している。

The crown prince of the Renxandt Empire. In his previous life, he was Natsume Kengo, and he was regarded as the leader of the class. His skills are the real deal, but his habit of exaggerating his own abilities detracts from the magnitude of his power. He’s as belligerent as he was in his former life, viewing Shun as his rival.




Karnatia Seri Anabald

CV:東山奈央 / Nao Toyama

アナバルド公爵家の令嬢。 前世は大島叶多という少年だったが、美少女に転生した。 シュンに負けず劣らずの天才であり、そのシュンとは前世からの親友。 普段は上品な言葉づかいだが、転生者と話すときは男言葉になる。

The daughter of Duke Anabald. In her previous life, she was a boy named Ooshima Kanata, but she reincarnated as a beautiful girl. She’s a prodigy on a par with Shun, and has been his best friend since their former life. Her speech is normally elegant and refined, but when talking with others who have reincarnated, she talks like a boy.




Schlain Zagan Analeit

CV:堀江 瞬 / Shun Horie

アナレイト王国第4王子。 前世の名前は山田俊輔。 平凡を絵に描いたような高校生で、転生後もその感覚を引きずっている。 しかし、兄である勇者ユリウスに強い憧れを抱き、彼に追いつくために日々精進している。

The fourth prince of the Kingdom of Analeit. His name in his previous life was Yamada Shunsuke. He was a textbook example of the average high school student and retains that quality after reincarnating. However, he has a deep admiration for his older brother Julius, the hero, and spends every day working hard to catch up to him.



CV:悠木 碧 / Aoi Yuki

蜘蛛の魔物に転生した自称底辺女子高生(?)。 前世はひきこもり気質でゲーム三昧だったが、強靭メンタルで生存競争を生き抜こうとする。 高い敏捷性と蜘蛛糸、毒牙を駆使してステータスの低さを補う戦法をとる。

A high school girl of self-professed low standing who has reincarnated as a spider. In her former life, she lived as a shut-in and immersed herself in video games, but now she uses her remarkable mental strength to fight for survival. She uses battle tactics that make up for her low stats with her mastery of agility, spider thread, and poison fangs.